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4 Accessories You Need in Your Liberty Gun Safe

Gun safes are for storing… guns, right? It’s not that quite simple. While veteran firearm owners likely require little guidance here, those new to gun ownership might be unaware of some vital accessories you should have on hand that are best to consolidate with your firearm storage.

Whether you’re storing ammunition or hearing protection, there are a few particular types ofgun safe accessories that will complement your firearms and make accessible storage easier. 

To help you plan, here arefour accessories you need in your Liberty Gun Safe.

  1. Magazine/Ammo Holders

Firearms without ammunition are just heavy paperweights. This is why you need to have lots of ammunition on hand. Boxes can take up unwanted space, but ammo canisters are an efficient and easy-to-transport solution to ditch your ammunition’s retail boxes. It can also save space due to the design, which typically stacks easily. 

Magazines are another regularly used firearm accessories, but these can get unorganized and overwhelm your storage space in a hurry. Fortunately, there are a variety of mag holder options, from magnetic mag mounts to specially designed mag holders (such as an AR-15 mag holder).

  1. Dehumidifier

Moisture is the enemy of metal and firearms are mostly made from it. To avoid rust, a dehumidifier is a must if you want to prolong the lifespan of your firearms, prevent damage and avoid safety issues. There are a variety of dehumidifiers available, from air-circulating dehumidifiers and dry rod dehumidifiers to desiccant moisture absorbers and rechargeabledehumidifiers. Pick the one that is best for you and helps you control the environment in your specific Liberty gun safe the best.

  1. Lights

Ever tried to access a gun safe at night? Even during the daytime, these safes can be difficult to navigate if you don’t haveproper lighting installed. The good news is that there are lighting kits, LED lights, flexible lights and other ways to illuminate the nooks and crannies inside your safe. 

It sounds simple, but the value of dedicated lighting for your gun safe cannot be overstated especially in some of the more voluminous models where external lighting sources will likely not reach the majority of the safe. Plan accordingly as some lights require a power source within the safe. 

  1. Additional Storage 

Finally, you may want some additional accessories to better organize your selection of firearms. These can also utilize space that might not have been used otherwise, which is the case with handgun hangers, for example. Other storage options include pistol racks, drawers, pockets, magnetic mounts and even extra shelving. You can make your safe a one-of-a-kind to best meet your specific needs.

We have all of theseaccessories and more at Liberty Gun Safe of Dallas-Fort Worth. Browse our collection of gun safe accessories and start shopping today.

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