Modifying Safes: Pros and Cons -

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Modifying Safes: Pros and Cons

When it comes to modifying a vehicle, there’s a difference between what youcan do and what youshoulddo. For example, should you install a three-foot-tall spoiler on the back of your sports car? Or place bumper stickers all over the back of your Ferrari? The answer depends on you, of course, but it never hurts to get another person’s opinion.

The same applies to modifyingsafes. More and more people are modifying safes these days to meet their unique needs. But should they? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing this.

Pros of Modifying Safes

There are a few advantages to modifying safes, which include:

  • Security: You could add another level of security to the safe by installing additional locks, bolts or other security measures to prevent unauthorized access. (Though buying a safe with more features is an easier option.)
  • Customization: You can customize the safe to fit your desired aesthetics and unique style by painting it or adding a different finish on the outside. You can also customize the inside to better fit your needs, whether that’s an additional shelf, drawer or compartment that helps you organize more efficiently. This may better be described asaccessorizing a safeto enhance the function of your safe opposed to safe modification.
  • Convenience:You couldswap out the entry method to your preferred option, such as if the safe has a key entry, but you want combination entry. Adding a biometric lock is another way to make accessing the safe quicker and simpler.
  • Cost: You can potentially save some money by modifying a safe instead of upgrading to a new one, but it depends on whether your original safe is still in good condition or not.

Cons of Modifying Safes

But there are some disadvantages to modifying safes as well. These include:

  • Warranty: Say goodbye to the manufacturer’s warranty if you modify your safe. Modifications usually void this and it’s then you have to pay for any repairs or damages.
  • Resale:Most buyers prefer an unmodified safe, because they don’t know what to expect with a modified one. This is especially true if you choose a reputable brand likeLiberty, as people respect the manufacturer and how they designed it.
  • Damage: If you’re drilling holes, welding or cutting into the safe, you can cause unwanted damage and potentially ruin the safe itself.
  • Safety:You also compromise the safe’s structural integrity when you drill, weld or cut it. This can make the safe less secure and even pose a safety risk, if it’s large enough or mounted on a wall or underneath something.
There are many pros and cons to modifying safes and we’ve merely teased them here. The big question to ask is why modify a safe when you can easily get a quality new one? To find out which safe is right for you,take our quiz today.

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